2 Months Old


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You’re two months old today, Cedric! Having almost almost doubled your birth weight, you’ve graduated to Size 1 diapers, grown out of almost all of your newborn clothes, shoes, socks and hats, and have discovered just how much fun it is to kick and kick all day long. You’ve also discovered drooling. And you definitely haven’t undiscovered spitting up all over your mommy.

You have just enough hair to give you a decent looking bedhead in the morning, and we do our best to keep your miniature mohawk standing straight up and fashionable.

Rebecca, your new cousin, finally got to meet you over Thanksgiving. We all thought Rebecca was going to be a boy, but it seems your 2-days-older than you cousin is all girl, and all chubby cheeks. You also met your grandpa Schuurmans, your great grandma Maxine, and all the rest of your uncles and aunts. You even went Black Friday shopping with us and attended your very first Christmas Program. So many experiences! The best of all these experiences though, are the in-between times, like the way we cuddle when your belly is all full of milk, and how you coo to me about all the little things going on in your baby brain.

Separating your thumb from the rest of your fingers seems to be quite the task, so you spend quite a bit of time trying to stuff your whole fist in your mouth instead, but it only works so well. Your daddy and I have been able to catch up on a little sleep these days as you’ve decided to start sleeping through the night for us (or at least almost through the night) . . . something we very much appreciate.

One of the happiest things we’ve discovered is that sometimes, if both of us kiss you at the same time on each of your cheeks, or ask you, “Do you like to be our kid?!” you coo and give us such a big smile!

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