Cedric’s 2nd Birthday


cedric-birthdaySome days I feel like I’m living this out-of-body experience watching my life move on to marriage and motherhood while I still feel all 13 and ponytail inside. I don’t think I’ve heard any comment more often since we first announced we were pregnant than, “IT GOES BY SO FAST.”

Well, it has…and it hasn’t.

I feel like we’ve been parents for a FULL two years. There’s been a lot of diaper changes, a lot mid-night baby meltdowns, IdontknowwhatI’mdoing moments, a lot of spilled juice and drawn-on furniture, but more than that, there’s been OH MY GOODNESS WE MADE A KID moments where Ben and I look at each other and smile and love the craziness, mid-catastrophe. We love that our once-newborn now looks us in the eye and says, “Hi!”; that our life together feels more important than making each other happy; that things like going to the zoo and opening presents and eating gummies are all of a sudden way more exciting again like we get to relive our childhood while we introduce the world to Cedric day by day.

This birthday kind of crept up in middle of a very packed schedule, so we didn’t even decide we were doing anything until a few days beforehand, but it was so much fun!! We had all of my family out for sliders and fries (check out this video to try them yourself! I just added bacon to the BBQ chicken variety and dijon + ketchup + relish to the cheeseburgers + added a ham and swiss slider), opened gifts (pretty sure everything he got this year contained a set of wheels… haha) and then ended with a campfire and s’mores. I just kind of grabbed my camera on the fly and tried to snap a few pictures here and there between pulling things out of the oven, because I forget too often to take pictures just for US vs. business!!

Oh, and we took Cedric’s pacifier away once and for all to celebrate him turning two…

(Pray for us.)

cedric-birthday-2img_3415 cedric-birthday-4 img_3418 cedric-birthday-6 img_3503 cedric-birthday-3 img_3464 img_3470 img_3473 cedric-birthday-5 img_3553cedric-birthday-7img_5098img_5113 b42a8497

Happy 2nd birthday, Cedric!

Last image by Jorun Photography

  1. Brucew Mitton

    October 22nd, 2016 at 9:16 PM

    Such great pictures of a great little man. Sure looks all growed up. Blessings on your son, and may he come to love the Saviour that gave His life for his. Love you all.

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