Favorites from 2014



It’s hard to believe it’s only been a year since I decided to take my photography up a notch and start it as as business! God has brought so many great opportunities along and I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every person with which I’ve worked. I believe every individual has been made in the image of God and was made to absorb and reflect all that is true about Him: His purity, His love, His joy, sobriety, tenderness . . . Satan is working hard to destroy anything that bears the images of God, and that includes us — a people that God deemed worth dying for. Until we are in the grave and our opportunity to receive Him is lost, the mark we bear being made in Christ’s image is so precious to Him that He has allowed His own son to be crushed for our sake! If we have allowed and invited Jesus to wash and cover us with His own purity, we now bear His beauty in the sight of God: perfect, holy, and lovely. May you see this spirit in the images from this year . . . full of light, full of beauty, expressing value, and reaching deep into the emotion of a people loved by their Creator.

IMG_8998_1 aIMG_7733flaflred IMG_7829collageIMG_8872_1Sarah-Olson-2014-_39candlesflIMG_9144_1IMG_9742fl IMG_7901flcrIMG_5051 aIMG_9638fl-aIMG_8956-fl-cr-fade_1IMG_0149IMG_7954 IMG_0078-5x7 IMG_3679IMG_78001 IMG_0531bwIMG_8821a_1IMG_9545bw-cr IMG_8705aIMG_9869flIMG_4816crIMG_8213collageaAmy-winter-fl-copyaIMG_4662 copyIMG_truck2bcrordinary2IMG_0670sepiaIMG_1219 IMG_3879aIMG_1131fl2IMG_3703cr2aSarah-Olson-2014-_181a_MG_04175-960x400 copyIMG_9075_1IMG_5047 1cr 2 fl silkIMG_4891a40 weeks (baby)IMG_8517flIMG_5352flSarah-Olson-2014-_680crIMG_7895  IMG_8943-sepia-colIMG_9059a-fl-cl_1

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