May 2017 // New Home


I post a lot from recent photo sessions on here, but personal posts have kind of faded into the background the last couple years, so I’ve decided it’s time to bring them back! I shoot so much with my “big” camera for work, that almost all our day-to-day pictures are captured on my phone… not ideal, but I’ll take phone pictures over no pictures!

Ben has been gone for almost 7 weeks and over the course of that time, we were apart for our anniversary, Easter AND Mother’s Day. He had so many classes on our anniversary, I don’t think we ended up even getting to talk on the phone until sometime in the evening! Meanwhile, Cedric and I had the flu back home [insert very depressed emoji here]. :T Such is life.

I’ll be honest, it was a pretty hard way to start out our stretch of time apart, but I know enough military wives who have been or are going through a lot longer time apart than we have to really help keep things in perspective. Same thing with being a single parent of a 2-year-old for almost a couple months. There were definitely days where it would have really helped to have another adult around to help balance responsibilities on the homefront, but then I’d think, at least I have a husband, unlike true single parents. He may have been half a country away, but he was working hard to come home soon! (For those who are curious, he was being trained to work with satellites – a 10 month course condensed into just 6 weeks of school and he graduated with honors! Yeah. Super proud wife here…)

We’ve had a lot of practice at being apart with Ben being in the military and we’ve come to find the easiest way to get through it is really just to keep your head to the plow and focus on the tasks at hand instead of pining away for what you wish you had. If you don’t think about it too much and focus on being a good steward of the day in which you find yourself, the time eventually passes little by little until MAN, OH MAN, you’re back together and it’s Marriage Rejuvenation 101!

Ben sent me these chocolate covered strawberries for Mother’s Day — I was on a 30 day cleanse at the time, so he opted for something “healthy-ish” (hello, it’s practically all strawberry!) with a dose of some much-needed chocolate on top. 😀 Probably went through the box WAY faster than recommended, but WORTH IT. (I worked out hulk-level-hard the next day, okay?)

Side note — I was super impressed with Shari’s Berries! The box came chilled and very professionally packaged. They traveled half a country to get to me and yet were in perfect shape. Yum.

When Ben came home, we spent a day with Cedric and then brought him to a friend’s house to spend the rest of the weekend with their boys while we went on vacation to celebrate our 4th anniversary a little late. 🙂

And by vacation, I mean… staycation. haha 😀 We had talked about taking a small roadtrip to a number of places, but the more we talked, the more we decided 12+ hours of sleep instead of 12+ hours in the car sounded way more relaxing! I had hopes to go hiking around Sioux Falls, do some canoing, biking, explore the trails a little, maybe some tennis and other random activities, but the forecast was rain, rain, rain, rain. And we’re not talking warm, pretty, drizzly, sun-delightfully-peeking-through-the-clouds kind of rain, but the frigidly COLD, sky-is-falling, hide-your-car-in-the-garage kind of rain.

A little out of order, but this is Mother’s Day with my amazing Mom here who has endured more pain in this last year than most are even remotely aware of. She just doesn’t complain. So rooted in contentment no matter what state in which she finds herself.

So Ben and I didn’t leave the area, but we decided last minute to book a hotel for one of our nights and spent the weekend dining out, running around town, sleeping in, swimming (sitting in a hot tub counts, right?), reading, watching movies, going on coffee dates, etc. So much fun!!

You really don’t realize what poor quality phone pictures are until you blow them up, do you?? haha This is our first Sunday back at church as a family for a highschool graduation. I’ll take whatever family picture I can get, even if my eyes are closed.

…or my son isn’t looking at the camera.

We had a small welcome home party with my family and some of Ben’s siblings who were down for the weekend in our {drumroll…} NEW HOUSE!!

That’s right!! Ben and I bought a house a couple months ago (right before he left!) and we’re absolutely in love with it. We contacted our realtor right after it was listed, he got us in first thing that morning and we only got to spend about 5-10 minutes in a walkthrough before the next tour was coming through! We knew it was just what we were looking for, so we put an offer in immediately and there was already another offer on the table by that time (!!). Needless to say, we got this place by the skin of our teeth (it was on the market for just about 24 hours, I think) and all while I was still a bit drugged up from wisdom tooth surgery the day before…

It’s felt like home since Day 1 and we got all unpacked and settled in in no time. I can only imagine what another family picture will look like right here by our front porch in another few years. Hopefully more babies??? Haha…annnnnd I’ll leave it there. Have a great weekend everyone!!

  1. Elizabeth Mitton

    May 25th, 2017 at 9:26 PM

    Em I loved the personal post…so much happiness in those pictures. So thankful that we got to spend time together.

  2. Emily Mitton

    May 26th, 2017 at 8:12 AM

    So happy you could stay an extra day! Miss you guys!

  3. Rosi

    May 26th, 2017 at 2:02 AM

    LOVED this post, Emily! Your work is also incredibly beautiful, but personal posts are by far my favorite! I’m definitely excited to read more!

  4. Emily Mitton

    May 26th, 2017 at 8:11 AM

    Thanks, Rosi! I’ll try to share more of these this year!

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