A few weeks later, her roommate told her he needed help with some math homework and despite her feeling they had an awkward first encounter, she thought he was cute and agreed to help him. He kept the Keurig going through the night until five the next morning and she did her best to help […]

I don’t take many out of state weddings anymore, but this one was worth every mile. Jeremiah and Allison, thank you for the pure privilege of choosing me to capture the start of your life as one. I hope your pictures flood back the happiest of memories from when your love was just beginning…

You guys, I am SO glad to be back shoot weddings again!!! After maternity leave and then COVID postponements, this year got a bit of a later start, but it feels so good to be back behind the camera! When I arrived to shoot Dan and Emily’s wedding day, there was hardly a cloud in […]

Another year of weddings is about to begin and I cannot wait to take fresh images and see which become your favorites!! I love, love, love when my clients share their photos… that’s what they’re for… for you to recall your favorite moments from the day and share those memories with your family and friends. […]