Marcelina first contacted me after finding my work on Instagram almost a year ago and I quickly fell in love with everything she had to share about her vision for her wedding day! The catch: she planned virtually every detail literally half a country away – starting the process after getting engaged in Florida and then […]

Josiah and Kenzie initially met through their campus ministry in January of 2016. It didn’t take long for Kenzie to notice Josiah and little more time to do something about it! Knowing his family was from the Fargo, ND, area, she planned a little shopping day-trip over spring break and covertly asked Josiah if he […]

It only took Noah and Ajla a single date to know something undeniably special was there. She didn’t make it easy for him, but Noah didn’t give up and when he finally got her to agree to go out with him, that night ended up going down as one of their favorite memories ever. I […]

One of my favorite things about these last few years has been getting to meet so many new people and hear one beautiful love story after another. It never, ever gets old to me hearing what brought two people together! It’s kind of amazing, really, how fast I feel like we move from perfect strangers […]

I quickly became a fan of these urban sessions after almost all my families asked for them last fall! It seems that I wasn’t the only one as the Taschners traveled almost two hours for their session last week after following along on Instagram last year and knowing this was JUST what they were looking […]