The shoes I wore when I got married weren’t very pretty, if I’m being perfectly honest (and no, they’re not the ones pictured above — I wish). They weren’t even hardly my style, but they were cheap! (In fact they were already in my closet, so… free?) I figured no one would see them under my dress, […]

Putting together this post was NO EASY TASK. I already have a hard time pairing down ONE session to blog, but over 42 sessions in one post?? Yikes. I’ve crisscrossed the midwest many times, traveled as far as Tennessee and Florida with my camera and met some pretty amazing people this year, many of whom have become good […]

Brett and Morgan are a reminder you can never know for sure when and where your love story will begin… I suppose it’s the mystery of it all and the plethora of unknowns that keep it exciting and fresh every time it happens for another couple. You could, after all, meet your future husband at Menards! Aisle […]

This summer, while shopping downtown Sioux Falls, SD, I briefly got into a conversation with the cashier about being a wedding photographer. There was a man browsing the store behind me at the time who overheard us and said something like, “I’m sorry, did you say you’re a wedding photographer? Do you travel?” Yes and yes! […]

A classic old chapel, an heirloom wedding ring, flowers fresh from the farmer’s market and a vintage limousine exit under the full October sun could only be matched by a charcuterie board reception at an old museum complete with a live painting of the bride and groom! It’s hard to imagine a more perfect wedding for […]