For some brides, choosing their bridesmaids is a cut and dry decision. They’ve known who will be standing beside them long before they’ve even met their special someone (I’m not even kidding)! I’ve come to learn, however, that there’s definitely another category of bride — particularly the social butterflies or ones with a large network […]

I met Alexa last summer while she was still in the process of planning her wedding out in California and was thrilled to hear from her after asking brides to share their experience with long distance planning! Although she wasn’t a bride of mine last year, she very graciously sharing these beautiful images taken by Carissa Lombardi […]

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my recent call to brides to message me if they planned their wedding long distance. This is because an increasing number of brides I hear from are planning their wedding from afar, due to destination plans, school or just having long distance RELATIONSHIPS where they live states away […]

I know this may sound like an unusual topic, but you might be surprised how many times I’ve seen a bride step away from the crowd on her wedding day and breathe a sigh of relief! Having hundreds of people from all areas of your life come together in ONE room for one purpose — celebrating YOU […]

The shoes I wore when I got married weren’t very pretty, if I’m being perfectly honest (and no, they’re not the ones pictured above — I wish). They weren’t even hardly my style, but they were cheap! (In fact they were already in my closet, so… free?) I figured no one would see them under my dress, […]