Hey, it’s me. Showing my face on here again after a little over 6 months?!! Yikes. Remember back when I suggested these personal posts would be showing up monthly? (hah hah) Once August hit, I was buried neck deep in traveling, shooting and editing and spare time was spent — well, I’ll show you how […]

Someone tell me how July has come and gone and we’re well into August already!! HOOWW? Fall is my favorite season of the year, but when school supplies and fall sweaters and pumpkin everything start getting advertised 2-3 months early, that is not okay, okay? I need summer – all of it! We don’t get […]

I randomly texted Ben mid-work day a few weeks ago and said, “We should go camping!!” With his first 3-day weekend coming up (in idk how long!), he jumped on it and made some calls to see if any campgrounds were still open the weekend of July 4th. As you would imagine, everybody was packed […]