There’s something extra special about the Outer Banks… with water that seems a little more clear and sand just a little more white, it’s easy to see why this stretch along North Carolina is referred to as the Crystal Coast. I met Zach and Brooke in the Southern Outer Banks, just north of Emerald Isle, […]

“We have some light rain right now, but it should be cleared up in time for us to start at 5:30!” I texted Nicole an hour before go time… **Smash cut to Emily racing through DRENCHING rain to the car with a jacket overhead, hoping to get to the highway before the roads were completely […]

I’m so happy to get to share these photos of Jake and Elizabeth’s beautiful proposal in Fort Fisher!! Jake had reached out to me on Instagram at the beginning of July and said he was planning on proposing to his girlfriend before the month was over, so we set to planning as SOON as possible. […]

Ben and Caroline flew all the way from Manchester, England, maximizing every available opportunity in the states to prepare for their wedding next spring. They welcomed the wild roaring of the surf up the coast and the gusts of squally wind with grace and poise… In fact, I told Caroline as we were wrapping up […]

What do you get when you combine the perfect location, couple and forecast…? Well, you get pictures like this!! Sometimes I have to remind myself that this is my JOB. I’m not just hanging out at the beach taking photos for some awesome new friends as the sun sets – I literally get HIRED to […]