You never know where you’ll meet the love of your life… for Rahul and Nicole, it was at a CrossFit gym in Hurricane, WV. They were strangers with an eye for each other, or, as one of Rahul’s friends whispered when he noticed Nicole looking Rahul’s way, “fire-eyes” for the other. Strangers became friends and […]

Nine months ago, Eric and Bethany were sailing in Greece, celebrating a birthday and two years of being together with a catamaran trip around the island of Milos. Over dinner, they’d made plans to catch the sunrise at a nearby beach and as the sun rose the next morning, Eric got down on one knee […]

There are few times in life that provide the opportunity to synch your calendar with family and friends and plan one single, celebratory event that will bring everyone together in the same place, at the same time, for the same reason. After months of tedious and seemingly endless planning, suddenly you’ll find yourself in that […]

Ending one chapter and beginning another never felt quite so poignant as it did this New Years’ Eve for Zach and Brooke’s wedding day… In an open air chapel, their dearest family and friends kept warm under fur coats and fleece blankets, sitting close together on pews decked aisle-side by florals and candlelight. The mellow […]

Towards the close of autumn this year, when nearly the very last leaf had fallen down the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Walker, Taylor and six guests made their way along the Appalachian Trail – 4,600 feet to the summit of Max Patch Mountain. It was only five years ago they were on their […]