Choosing what to wear for a portrait session can quickly become one of the most stressful parts of getting your pictures taken, which is why I’ve grouped together seven different collections of outfits from romantic to vintage to sophisticated to an all-out luxe selection for the dreamers. To help flesh out each look, I’ve included […]

Another year of weddings is about to begin and I cannot wait to take fresh images and see which become your favorites!! I love, love, love when my clients share their photos… that’s what they’re for… for you to recall your favorite moments from the day and share those memories with your family and friends. […]

What changes when you have a second shooter on your wedding day? This is probably the most commonly asked question I receive, so I figured it’s time I summarize my answer here on the blog! As most of you who follow along on Facebook or Instagram probably know, my husband, Ben, shoots with me virtually […]

For some brides, choosing their bridesmaids is a cut and dry decision. They’ve known who will be standing beside them long before they’ve even met their special someone (I’m not even kidding)! I’ve come to learn, however, that there’s definitely another category of bride — particularly the social butterflies or ones with a large network […]

I know this may sound like an unusual topic, but you might be surprised how many times I’ve seen a bride step away from the crowd on her wedding day and breathe a sigh of relief! Having hundreds of people from all areas of your life come together in ONE room for one purpose — celebrating YOU […]