Noah + Ajla // Meadow Barn Wedding


It only took Noah and Ajla a single date to know something undeniably special was there. She didn’t make it easy for him, but Noah didn’t give up and when he finally got her to agree to go out with him, that night ended up going down as one of their favorite memories ever. I guess an evening of ice cream, walking through a pretty meadow and talking until they could see the stars is just the sort of thing every girl wishes will be what begins her love story… (take note, guys)

After that perfect first date, Noah and Ajla spent the next few years ordering from cheap Mexican restaurants, turning the music up, rolling the windows down and taking long road trips to California. They packed pb & honey sandwiches for countless hikes and laughed both at and with each other over the silliest of debates until eventually, Noah decided it was time to take Ajla back to that first place they had the date that began it all and get down on one knee! I bet you can guess what her answer was?

One of the first things Ajla told me when we met for coffee last year was that she and Noah weren’t your “traditional” couple and would be up for anything when it came time to get their bride and groom portraits taken. That was when I calmly said something like, “Awesome!” and thought, THANK YOU, HALLELUJAH AND AMEN.

So I put them in a canoe on the water in their wedding clothes, people.

I repeat: in their wedding clothes.

And better yet, I put my husband neck deep in the water behind them and told him to hold the boat or I’d get the worst review of my life. He held the boat like a champ, but he did tell them half-way through (while they were sitting in the canoe) that it had actually capsized just hours earlier and our friend had lost both his phone and wallet (!!). True story. Both that it had capsized earlier and that my husband TOLD THEM IT HAD. I love that man, but sometimes full disclosure is best saved for when there’s not an immediate cause for panic?? haha. Fortunately, their faith in me was strong and my faith in Ben was stronger and — except for Ben — we all made it out dry as a whistle with some pretty killer images you’ll want to scroll all the way to the bottom for!

A massive congrats to the new, happy couple, Noah and Ajla! You guys were absolutely the best I could hope to work with and I enjoyed every minute!

Venue: Meadow Barn at Country Orchards // Suit: Halberstadt’s Men’s Clothier // Wedding Dress: a&bé Bridal Shop (dress), Made with Love Bridal (designer) // Bridesmaid Dresses: Show Me Your Mumu (blue), Lulu’s (purple), ASOS (floral) // Flowers: Hy-Vee Floral // Bride’s hair: Keri Eberline from Hair Essence // Bridesmaids’ Hair: Tara Westerman // Catering: Inca’s Mexican Restaurant // Cake: Linda Heeren // Musician: Daniel Brunz

  1. Elizabeth Mitton says:

    Such Adventurers!! And boy did Ben do an awesome job!!
    Em, So thankful God continues to give you good ideas for your job!

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