Everyone usually asks him how he got her, but the reality is, she was the first to crush hard on the dance captain and member of one of the best show choirs in the country. She took his picture, posted it on Twitter and asked, “Can somebody get me this guys’ number?” He saw her […]

Jasen and Lauren met during their junior and senior years in high school. At the end of the year, close to prom season, Lauren asked Jasen to attend her prom with her and then he asked her out in April of 2011. They spent much of that first summer hanging out and getting to know […]

It started as a bet on a basketball game… they went to rival high schools and he told her if she won, he’d take her to the movies. If she didn’t win? Well, he’d take her anyway. He’d been following her accounts and liking almost everything she posted online, so maybe it wasn’t the biggest […]

Travis and Hannah biked to our initial meeting over a year ago and somehow something about that told me from the get-go, I was going to love this couple. I not only ran into Hannah while grocery shopping (sans makeup and while giving my three-year-old a ride on the mechanical horse… super professional, what can […]

I love the rich greens in Kyle and Wendy’s session! It’s a hard call deciding whether or not to postpone a session when the weather is looking questionable, but due to how late spring was with all the cold weather we’d been having, we rescheduled for a warmer (more green) date and now I’m SO […]