Somehow a year has gone by, little one. A year of goodnight kisses, whispered prayers, first smiles, cuddles, hundreds of diapers, boxes of clothes, countless bathtimes, shoes that won’t stay on and dirt that won’t stay off. Little by little you’ve been discovering your own-self in addition to the world around you. First it was […]

These pictures are getting more and more challenging to take now that you’ve gone mobile. Most of what I capture is either blurry, or has your cheerio-covered cheeks about to touch my lens because you made it to my camera before I had the chance to click a button. You crawling all over the place […]

I can hardly believe my baby is 10 months old already!! This month you’ve taken off army-crawling all over the place and you LOVE to stand along the wall or against the couch . . . it’s the part where you fall on the ground and hit your head that you’re not as big a […]

“I think this is my favorite stage yet . . . “ “You always say that,” Daddy says back to me. But Cedric! We can hardly believe how much you’ve changed in the last few weeks! Everything from your personality to your weight has exploded this month (18.2 lbs now . . . 22+ lbs […]

Well, this monthly update is running just a little late again, but with a trip to Iowa, two trips to South Dakota, a flight to Arizona, and then packing up our house, painting, moving and unpacking in the new place, this month has been a little busier than usual. Apparently, that plus three shoots and […]