Sam & Jessica // Peace Lutheran + Hilton Garden Inn Downtown


She was in middle of training for a marathon, finishing up a long run on a hot day when she saw a couple guys walking up her front steps. She opted to sneak in the back but was surprised to find her roommate had let the two in and they were standing in her kitchen. One of them was dating a roommate of hers and the other? Well, he was her future husband.

She knew there was something special about him when he showed up at her front door for their first date all dressed up just to watch a movie. He opened her car door, followed up with a lunch delivery the next day and had a dozen roses on her nightstand waiting for her when she returned home. The card read, “God sure knew what he was doing when he made Miss Jessica Emily Leat.”

She began to fall. Good thing, too, because a little over a year later, he was preparing to propose before they made a trip to Phoenix for Thanksgiving with family. She was running back and forth between her bedroom and bathroom and asking Sam, “What else do I need to bring?” while digging around in her bathroom drawer. It was the perfect segue he’d been waiting for…

“Well,” he replied, getting down on one knee, “You could bring this.” (You can guess what he was holding! 😉 )

Their wedding last week was full of joy, sentiment, friends and family galore. It was high class from the bowties to the black gowns. The reception resembled a garden party and the guests were serenaded with cello music and welcomed to tables of brunch food and hours of celebration. If you weren’t there, I have a feeling these pictures will make it come alive…

Her “something old”… a generation-old handkerchief.
Her “something blue”.
Her something borrowed”… an anniversary bracelet from his mother.
Before their first look, they read letters out loud to each other and thanked God for His blessing in their lives.
“This is the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen!!” – Sam, completely blown away.
A special first look with her dad.
Ceremony Venue // Peace Lutheran – Sioux Falls, SD
Reception Venue // Hilton Garden Inn Sioux Falls Downtown
Reception Designer // Leah Citrowske Design
Groom & Groomsmen Suits // J.H. & Sons Clothier
Wedding Dress // ELLIE STONE BRIDE
Florist // Bella Rosa
MUAH // Hair by Maddie Howard
DJ // Keaton Deiter
Caterer // CRAVE American Kitchen & Sushi Bar
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