Timothy + Makenzie // Meadow Barn


Everyone usually asks him how he got her, but the reality is, she was the first to crush hard on the dance captain and member of one of the best show choirs in the country. She took his picture, posted it on Twitter and asked, “Can somebody get me this guys’ number?”

He saw her tweet, got her number and their love story began! Three hours apart had nothing on them. After months of texting, she made the drive to see him perform at a coffeehouse concert… they met at Ruby Tuesdays and he was nervous, but she talked nonstop. After the concert, he bought her a hot chocolate, took her out to the lake where they sat on top of his truck talking the night away and shortly after that, they went ‘official’.

Three years later, he proposed at a fancy restaurant on the night of a college formal… he had planned to wait until dessert, but nerves were high and he ended up pulling the ring out in the middle of their entree. She said yes!!! (But not before spitting Chicken Alfredo on him.)

Their chihuahua pups complete them as a little family and made a grand appearance as ring bearers on their wedding day… their ceremony felt tender and sacred and every part of their day was equal parts beauty and joy. Thanks for choosing me to capture such an incredibly special season in your life, Tim & Makenzie! It will always be one of my favorites. 

Timothy surprised Makenzie with an original number her wrote and sang just for her (YOU try not to cry)!

  1. northernminnesotangal

    October 10th, 2018 at 1:32 PM

    Wow, it’s not hard to imagine that this would be a favorite of yours! So much attention to detail. You did a wonderful job capturing the beauty of the day!!

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