Downtown Wilmington + Wrightsville Beach Engagement


“We have some light rain right now, but it should be cleared up in time for us to start at 5:30!” I texted Nicole an hour before go time…

**Smash cut to Emily racing through DRENCHING rain to the car with a jacket overhead, hoping to get to the highway before the roads were completely impassible**

If there’s something I’ve learned about weather on the coast it’s that, try as you might, you really can’t predict it, and whatever it looks like out the window, just check again in another 15 minutes because chances are, it’ll look like something else. I reminded myself of this as I sat on the shoulder of the highway with a line of other cars, our windshield wipers thumping left to right, all of us unable to drive in the blinding rain… and sure enough, as quickly as the storm blew in, it blew away and I was turning into the cobblestone streets of the historic district in downtown Wilmington with glimpses of clear skies on the horizon.

In complete contrast to the tropical storm the forecast whirled in and away, Rahul and Nicole were complete peace and calm and we started right on time – sun shining on their skin as if we hadn’t inched our way along the highway through torrential rain to get there! Somehow that made these warm, glowing portraits all the more special, wouldn’t you agree?

If the sweet, southern charm in this engagement session is an ode to what’s to come in Charleston this spring, Rahul and Nicole’s wedding at Magnolia Plantation & Gardens cannot come soon enough!!

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