Jamie + Rebecca // The Veranda


Jamie and Rebecca’s wedding had it all – earthiness and bling, handcrafted details, a combination of their choice in age-old traditions they wanted to keep and new ones that showcased their own personalities and relationship. Everything about their wedding, including their choice in venue, was well thought out and a true reflection of what they love in life and in each other! I knew when I first met them this was going to be a favorite
and I’m just so thrilled they brought me along for the ride!!
Rebecca HANDMADE every single invitation… if that’s not goals, I don’t know what is!
I love it when the groom sets aside HIS details for me to capture, too! There’s so much focus on the bride on wedding days, but it takes two to tango.
Jamie wrote a little note on the bottom of Rebecca’s shoes for her “something blue…”
His new watch… a wedding gift from the bride.
Jamie gifted all his groomsmen and ushers with engraved knives… maybe questioned that decision for a millisecond during these pictures?! haha
Not sure what’s happening here… but, outtakes are staying in today.
See that treasure box? They put letters to each other inside and closed it with a wax seal to be broken and read on their 5 year anniversary… those letters will be replenished with fresh ones to be opened on their 10 year anniversary and so on. ROMANCE ALERT.
I spy with my little eye, a perfect ring.
Some T-Rexes snuck in during the grand entrances… what were we to do?!
Okayyyyy, have you ever seen a prettier bustle?! I think not.
All dance moves were welcome, by order of the bride and groom.
Sparkler exits may look effortless, but this picture on the right is possibly one of the best representations of what it’s REALLY like trying to get that money shot. HAHA
T-Rexes are back. No one complained.
That’s more like it.