Nathan + Alissa // Meadow Barn


Nathan and Alissa have known each other since middle school, but didn’t actually pay attention to each other until college. After reconnecting at a party while she was home for the summer, she still didn’t make it easy, but Nathan was persistent and they ended up spending a lot of time together that summer before starting to date that September. They continued their long-distance relationship for two full years before he moved to Fargo and the rest is history! These two tied the knot with a full house at the Meadow Barn and a band of friends around them to celebrate! Ben and I were there for a full 12+ hours, so it goes without saying that trimming down their collection of photos into a neat & tidy blog post was HARD. We had a blast capturing this one together, but seeing the end result is even more fun for us… enjoy your scroll!
First look feels!
Always gets me when the groom sheds a tear or two… (secretly, I think all brides are hoping for this when they’re picking out their wedding dress!)
Can we just all agree Alissa has the most gorgeous smile?!!
^ Veil swoop of my dreams
Because I know you’ll all be wondering, her bridesmaid dresses are from Lulu’s. STUNNING, right?!
Matching bracelets from the bride for her girls!
Yep. Alissa and all her friends are aight.
When I pitched this idea to the groom I think I held my breath… didn’t let it out again until we were done shooting and he was safely back on two feet. Still recovering.
Ayyyyy!!! Time to celebrate!
Being a ring bearer ain’t all it’s cracked up to be, is it kiddo…
Not pictured: Ben doing everything but somersaults to crack that toddler smile!
There goes the ring!! When it’s you in this moment, it feels SURREAL to finally say your vows, slip on those rings, kiss for the first time as husband and wife and officially be pronounced MARRIED…. each one a gigantic milestone happening like rapid fire, taking your breath away.
Shout out to Pinnacle for those killer string lights! They were already hard at work hanging them when we arrived and each bulb was individually screwed in on location. Not a bad backdrop for first dances if you ask meee.

Venue | Meadow Barn at Country Orchards
Photography | Emily Mitton Photography
Videography | Grace Films
Florist | Olive&Grace
Wedding Coordinator | Leah Moller
Hair | ADAE Salon
Makeup | Megan Bertsch & Danica Johnsen
Wedding Dress | Your Day by nicole
Groom’s Suit | Men’s Wearhouse
Bridesmaid Dresses | Lulus
DJ | Pinnacle Productions
Catering | Roll’n Pin Café & Grille + Catering
Cake | The Cake Lady Sioux Falls

  1. Sheila Ningen says:

    So awesome! The day was perfect and you captured so many great memories.

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