Hometown Wedding // Josiah & Elizabeth


Every wedding is special for different reasons, but what makes this particular one a little extra sweet is right in the title… hometown wedding. Elizabeth is Ben’s sister and her wedding day brought our whole crew –– Ben, Cedric, Spartan and myself across the country from the mid-summer humidity of coastal North Carolina to the Northwoods of Minnesota where much of his family is from. It’s been nine years (nine!!!) since we got to celebrate another wedding within his immediate family and getting to also photograph their portraits from sunrise to sundown meant I got a front row seat to their happiness together and a glimpse into the depth of their relationships with the people they love dearly. A coworker and friend of Elizabeth’s said it best during the reception when she took the mic and shared, “Anyone who knows Elizabeth knows her as ‘friend’.”

Josiah and Elizabeth, welcome to the incredible gift that marriage is. You are on a wonderful journey that will continue to surprise you with its ability to grow even sweeter with time. It is such a good arrangement to live life with someone who knows you thoroughly and chooses to love you wholly, without abandon. Just as God is the only one who could design such a gift, He too is the only one who can fill it with purposeful and abundant joy. May your life together multiply your impact for good… may it also bring you to the shores of North Carolina for many visits… 😉

Love, Ben & Emily

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