Southern Classic Wedding at The Farmhouse at Green Hill


The last sunlight of the day streamed through the pecan trees on the Carolina countryside and glowed through autumn leaves as they glided softly down. Leaves swayed from side to side quietly and settled down gently on the ground, crunching crisply underfoot as guests found their seats. It was almost time.

Time for the parents to be seated.

Time for Josh to find his place at the end of the aisle and try in vain to hold back his tears.

Time for violinists to lower their bows and guests to rise to their feet.

Time for Joy to take her father’s arm and walk down the aisle for the last time before marrying the man she’d prayed for long before she knew his name.

The music lilted through the air and carried in the breeze.

Gentleness, kindness, compassion, loyalty, humility, integrity, leadership, diligence, determination… these were the qualities Josh and Joy used to describe what attracted them to each other. They’d fallen in love at a time when both had almost given up hope that marriage would be a part of their story. But their story wasn’t finished yet and marriage was just the next chapter… a turn of the page.

Joy, your tears when we met again the morning of your wedding said it all – there’s something really special about this life as a photographer. Documenting your love story is more than a job… it’s an art form; it’s constant curation of the unfolding of time, capturing not just how a moment looked to a bystander, but how it felt deep down inside. Your love for one another is timeless; old-fashioned in all the sought-after kind of ways. You and Josh were the lead roles in this story and your pictures will get to tell it for generations…

Here’s to a lasting, flourishing love. Congratulations.

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Venue: The Farmhouse at Green Hill || Wedding Planner & Florist: Hillside Florist || String Quartet: Elegant Ensembles || Canvas Painting: Brianna Goodwin Art || Makeup: Brittany Bell || Hair: Eugenia Walton || DJ: BigAl and Steveo Entertainment || Catering: Rick’s Catering || Cake: Ginger Gavaghan